The 3,000 Hit Club


The 3,000 hit club by Dan Stromme and Painted Jerseys. It is available through our website. Quite a bit of research went into this one. All but Cobb, Speaker, Collins, Lajoie and Anson are of the actual 3,000th hit. Or in Mays’ case, holding up the ball. A couple of my favorites: Clemente. He thought he had it once but if I recall correctly, it was ruled an error. He then got 3,000. During that off season he tragically died. I listened to his autobiography while I painted his image. A wonderful human being. Humorously, I got a kick out of a quote written about Paul Waner, another Pirate outfielder. “The best outfielder the Pirates have his Paul Waner sober. The second best outfielder the Pirates have is Paul Waner drunk”. Waner got 3,000 as a Boston Brave (upper left.) #mlb #worldseries #3000hits